We create the medicine of the future

The INVICTA Research and Development Centre deals with the implementation of projects whose primary aim is to increase the effectiveness and safety, and to shorten the time of treatment. We develop new diagnostic and treatment methods to give a chance to patients for whom currently available tools were insufficient. To achieve this, we use artificial intelligence that ‘learns’ and draws from our 20 years of experience.

Currently implemented projects with co-financing

  • Agreement no. RPPM.01.01.01-22-0060/17-00 of 18 December 2018.

  • POIR.01.01.01-00-1634/20 / Consortium Partner

  • Agreement no. 2020/ABM/01/00095-00

  • POIR.02.01.00-00-00-0254/17-00

  • POIR.01.01.01-00-0390/21

Completed projects with co-financing

  • Objective of the project: development and implementation by the Beneficiary of new diagnostic and therapeutic services
    Beneficiary: Invicta Sp. z o. o.
    Co-financing from the EU: 1 930 038,00 zł

Own projects of the Research and Development Centre

Scientific cooperation