We act responsibly

We understand corporate social responsibility as responsibility for the impact of our actions and decisions on patients, our team and the environment in which we operate.

We are aware that acting to improve the health of our patients is only part of what we can do as a medical company. That is why we engage in initiatives in the field of social education and increasing access to preventive examinations, and when making business decisions, we take into account ecological aspects and our impact on the environment.

For us CSR is…


we share knowledge in the field of health care, prevention and treatment options

access to research

we offer access to specialists and diagnostic tests, we take part in social campaigns

responding to needs

we observe and take initiative, we use our resources to help others

creating new solutions

we design solutions that advance medicine and open up new possibilities for patients

care for the environment

we act responsibly, we choose environmentally friendly solutions

small gestures that mean a lot

we unite in helping, and charity actions are a tradition for our team

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